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Astral and Lucid Dreamers

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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2011|11:43 am]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

Can anyone reccomend an active LJ community or other  serious online discussion forum about past lives which is actually active - researching, examining soul purpose, etc. Open to discussion about both human and non-human lives :D 

The LJ comms which I have found and online forums, all seem to be dead. :(
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AwokenDreamZzz [Jan. 5th, 2011|08:25 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

I watch a lot of horror/thriller movies so this may have sparked many of my dreams. I love lucid dreaming, a place where my imagination goes wild.

I'd like to share this....

This dream is titled: Awoken Thirst

I had a dream that I was a demi-god who woke up from his slumber (yes, I was a male). The smell of human scent woke me up. I was very tall and muscular with long flowing hair, my entire eye was black with no life to them. I had thick eyeliner on like one of those mythical Egyptian gods. I went to a huge shiney rock that showed my reflection. My skin was made of onyx nothing can cut through me, yet it was smooth to the touch and flexible. I looked closer and there were some diamond shards in my eyes, I carefully took them out one by one and tossed it away as if it were nothing. But I'm sure those diamond shards cost kazillions. To me, in the dream, money was nothing because I was immortal. I've experienced everything already and nothing was more meaningful to me than to drain blood from a human. Fresh blood was what I craved for...............

To continue go to:  

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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2010|05:23 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

Yesterday and today for the first time I tried to astral project consciously.
Unfortunately both times I got too distracted by outside noises to continue but..

Yesterday I reached a stage where my body was paralyzed, but I could still hear. Should I have been in an even deeper trance state than this? I couldn't move my arms or legs willingly, but that eventually passed when someone came downstairs and I "woke" up.

Also both times I listened to binaural beats the whole time I was trying it, is this bad or not? :/

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2 Days Left. Tickets Going FAST!! Richard Felix in Salem [Aug. 17th, 2009|04:48 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

We also have SPECIAL PRICING for PARANORMAL GROUPS. Contact via email for details

Richard Felix, of "Most Haunted"

Join Life & Death in Salem for a one time only Ghost Tour & Presentation

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Global Vampire Community Discussion Transcript - August 2, 2009 (VVC Hosted) [Aug. 6th, 2009|11:15 am]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

Voices of the Vampire Community
Global Vampire Community Discussion - August 2, 2009
171 Attendees - 80 Page Transcript

Discussion Topics:

a. Discrimination: Have you or your friends and family been discriminated against or threatened because of your vampirism? If so, how have you coped and what advice would you give to others in similar situations? If not, what precautions do you take in your community involvement to prevent facing legal, professional, financial, or personal repercussions in your life?

b. Open Vampire Community Discussion: Any topic you’d like to bring up for discussion is welcome.

- Donors
- Vampires In The Military
- Philosophical Discussion On Vampirism

The transcript is available from the following links:


Please help circulate throughout the vampire community.

Other Transcripts:

Global Vampire Community Discussion - July 10, 2009

Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)
Public Meeting Transcripts: 2008 - 2009

April 27, 2008 - http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/images/VVCPublicMeeting04.27.08.pdf
August 9, 2008 - http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/images/VVCPublicMeeting08.09.08.pdf
December 6, 2008 - http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/images/VVCPublicMeeting12.06.08.pdf
April 25, 2009 - http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/images/VVCPublicMeeting04.25.09.pdf

Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)
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Global Vampire Community Discussion - VVC Hosted - July 10, 2009 [Jul. 14th, 2009|09:11 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

Voices of the Vampire Community
Global Vampire Community Discussion - July 10, 2009
96 Attendees - 53 Page Transcript

The transcript is available from the following links:


Please help circulate throughout the vampire community.

- Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2009|11:45 am]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

[mood |curiouscurious]

Any astrologists out there? Had quite the unusual visitor from the other side the last two days. Gave me a date of November 23, 2009.
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Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism (Academic Book) [Jun. 6th, 2009|05:15 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers


If you're interested in the Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS/AVEWRS), sanguinarian and/or psychic vampirism, or the vampire community in general you will want to purchase a copy of this book.  There hasn't been anything quite like this published before... a very different kind of text/approach than that of Ramsland, Guiley, Guinn, and others.

The academic and sociological significance of this work can't be underscored enough.  Laycock offers a sweeping scholarly examination of the vampire community and the process of self-identification as a vampire.  He counters many of the negative stereotypes of the vampire community and posits thought-provoking arguments regarding ontological diversity.  I strongly encourage everyone to obtain a copy of this book and link to it as a resource for vampirism and the vampire community.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vampires-Today-Truth-Modern-Vampirism/dp/0313364729/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1230149021&sr=1-1

Praeger Publishers:  http://www.greenwood.com/catalog/C36472.aspx

Religion Dispatches Article:  http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/rdbook/1438/modern_vampires%3A_your_neighbors_and_spouses/?page=1

Vampires Today:  The Truth About Modern Vampirism
Joseph Laycock

Chapter 1:  What Is a Vampire? or, The Varieties of Vampiric Experience
Chapter 2:  Why Vampires?
Chapter 3:  The Vampire Milieu
Chapter 4:  Initiatory Vampire Groups:  Vampirism as Apotheosis
Chapter 5:  The Vampire Community
Chapter 6:  Vampirism and Religion, a Dialogue
Chapter 7:  Out of the Shadows
Chapter 8:  Vampires and the Modern
Bibliography & Index

Names You May Recognize (Mentioned and/or Contributed Material):

Atlanta Vampire Alliance, Corvis Nocturnum, Daemonox, D'Drennan, Don Henrie, Dozens of Groups/Houses/etc. (House Dark Haven, House Eclipse, House Kheperu, House of the Dreaming, House Pantheon, House Quinotaur, House Sahjaza, Temple of the Vampire, Order of the Vampyre, Ordo Strigoi Vii, etc.), Eclecta, Father Sebastiaan, Father Vincent, Goddess Rosemary, J. Gordon Melton, Kiera, Lady CG, Lady Dark Rose, Lord Alistair, Madame X, Maloryn, Martin Riccardo, Merticus, Michelle Belanger, Nicholas, Sanguinarius, Sarah Dorrance, Shadowlore, SoulSplat, SphynxCatVP, Stephen O'Mallie, Vlad & Sky, Voices of the Vampire Community, Vyrdolak, & Zilchy

Inside Cover: 

Vampires are not just the stuff of folklore and fiction. This book explores the modern world of vampirism in all its variety.

Around the globe, untold numbers of people are identifying as "vampires" and following the ways of "vampirism."  But what does it mean to be a vampire?  Is vampirism a religion? Is it a fantasy? Is it a medical condition?  Based upon extensive interviews with members of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and others within vampire communities throughout the United States, Vampires Today looks at the many expressions of vampirism.

In the past two decades, modern vampirism has come under increased study, yet most scholarship has portrayed the vampire community as a cultural phenomenon or, at worst, as a religious cult. Having interviewed many vampires across the country, both "lifestylers" and "real," even those "reluctants" who try not to be vampires, Laycock argues that today's vampires are best understood as an identity group and that vampirism has caused a profound change in how individuals choose to define themselves. As vampires come "out of the closet," either as followers of a "religion" or "lifestyle" or as people biologically distinct from other humans, their confrontation with mainstream society will raise questions about the definition of "normal" and what it means to be human.

In this book, readers will meet "lifestyle vampires," who adopt a culture and a gothic ascetic associated with the vampires of art and legend.  They will be introduced to "real" vampires, who feel that they must actually consume blood and/or psychic energy for their well being.  They will hear from members of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, and they will learn about the Order of the Vampyre, the Ordo Strigoi Vii, and the Temple of the Vampire.

There is no doubt that anyone who reads this book will find the details of real vampire life--including vampire role-playing games, grimoires, "vampyre" balls, vampire houses like House Sahjaza and House Kheperu, the vampire "caste" system, and other details--utterly fascinating.

Additional Notes:  The author holds a Masters of Divinity from Harvard University, a recipient of a grant from the Pluralism Project, and currently enrolled in the Division of Religious and Theological Studies at Boston University where he's working on his PhD.  He has presented on the topic of vampirism at the American Academy of Religion Conference in San Diego where he argued that "vampirism" should not be classified as a new religious movement (NRM) and to faculty at the University of Michigan and other institutional bodies on the sociological and emergent scientific aspects of vampirism.  He will be delivering a paper on Otherkin in August (2009) at the Association for the Sociology of Religion's annual conference in San Francisco, CA.  Laycock is well versed in the structure of the vampire community, has interviewed many individuals from diverse paths, and attended multiple gatherings.
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New Community [May. 23rd, 2009|05:50 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers


Energy Healers is a community devoted to those who practice or are interested in energy healing of any kind. Be it reiki, quantum touch, or your own brand of healing, all discussions, questions, news articles, pictures and anything else you can think of related to healing are welcome here. We also welcome discussion about other alternative healing methods, including crystal healing and acupuncture/pressure, and what can be deemed "life helps" such as oracle and tarot card readings, pendulums, meditation, etc. Click the banner above to be taken to the community profile.
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reverse emdr for better astral projectifying [Mar. 22nd, 2009|03:23 am]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers
[mood |highhigh]
[music |MGR - Nova Lux]

anybody here practice it? look/perceive to the reverse side of where the tone is playing to induce a temporary schizophrenia. it's holy. try it.
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Ephemeral Mists "Moon Ritual" [Feb. 20th, 2009|11:19 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

Ephemeral Mists is a new musical project by composer Brett Branning (also the composer for The synthetic dream foundation & Abandoned Toys). "Moon Ritual" is the debut cd, out now on Mythical records.

The sound of the project is best described as downtempo ambient new age music mixed with ethnic world musics in the vein of "Karma" era Delerium, Amethystium, and Dead Can Dance. Its really a an incredibly beautiful creation to be used as yoga music or Reiki music. and I sincerely recommend it to anyone into newage music styles. I'm looking forward to further releases by this project.
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Ophiuchus [Dec. 31st, 2008|09:19 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

Apart from an obvious reference to the demon seed, “9” is placed lower than it should be thus disturbing the viewer further into an ominous three year venture to that of Ophiuchus (see http://www.thepropheticlight.com).

Source: http://myspace.com/hearananda
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hemisync [Dec. 8th, 2008|04:43 am]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers
i listened to an mp3 from hemisync tonight, one for insomnia/deep sleep and one was for i think lucid dreaming/astral projection.


i downloaded it to see if it would help me sleep, i don't know if i believe that an mp3 alone can cause you to have lucid dreams or go out of body. anyway it did something weird, not what i wanted though (i just want to get some good quality rest and maybe have some neat dreams)

-kept starting to drift off while listening to it and hearing someone calling my name from the window, felt briefly paralyzed then could move then it would happen again, this happened a few times
-i've had this one happen before and i'm not sure what it is exactly, what do you think: i started to physically roll over in bed but instead felt like i was doing it in total slow-motion and it felt like a lot of the obes i've had, including the slight feeling of adrenaline/panic, then i startled awake and was in the exact same position as before
-was half-asleep and felt the covers being slowly pulled off of me, well at least something was tugging them, i kept muttering "stop" but it was coming out like i had marbles in my mouth and i couldn't move to pull them back, then realized it was paralysis and managed to breathe deep and relax and fall back asleep,
-dreamt that i was floating in the sky and visiting a place where i was talking to actual psychic-types on a phone line. in the dream i called an exboyfriend afterward and he told me they were fairies. felt very real
-really disturbing attached dream about a guy i used to know, comign over late at night and harassing me

there have been times in my life when none of this would be at all out of the ordinary, but i haven't had any odd activity in months.

anyway i woke up a few minutes ago and looked at the clock thinking i'd probably been at this stuff for hours, no it's been about one and a half. i'm a little nervous to fall back asleep and i don't think i'm goign to try this type of mp3 again, but you might be interested, since it definitely did something.

thanks for reading!
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Luciferian Psychic Returns to the Air Waves With Joshua P. Warren on 'Speaking of Strange' Radio [Dec. 4th, 2008|10:21 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Luciferian Psychic Returns to the Air Waves With Joshua P. Warren on 'Speaking of Strange' Radio

Luciferian Psychic Returns to the Air Waves With Joshua P. Warren on 'Speaking of Strange' Radio

Airs This Saturday Night from 10-11pm ET on AM 570 WWNC

 Asheville, NC, December 6, 2008 10-11p.m. EST -Joshua P. Warren on Speaking of Strange Radio interviews world renowned psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Hanson who explains a dynamic collective change in human consciousness toward accepting an ultimate realization, a world spiritual socialist government, and the promised one of Persia who shall soon rule and unite the world.

From a Luciferian perspective, the UFO phenomenon will at last be explained as it relates to impending human extinction, existence, exodus, and permanence.

How does the paranormal experience of today relate to the impending world reorganization toward Al Mahdi, Persia's Caliphate, and a one world government?

"There shall be signs and wonders in our skies upon his time of world unification."

-A.C.H., Luciferian psychic, prophet, spiritual projectionist, and remote viewer.

ABOUT Speaking of Strange - Speaking of Strange is a Saturday night radio show hosted by Joshua P. Warren.  It airs locally from Asheville, NC radio station AM570 WWNC every Saturday night from 8-11 pm EST, and worldwide on the web at http://www.wwnc.com/main.html

ABOUT Aaron C. Hanson - Aaron is the psychic and remote viewer who was featured on the In Search Of TV Documentary remake that aired in 2002 in the episode on Psychic Spies .  Aaron demonstrated that he could precisely locate a person at a remote location using only his remote viewing skills. He has been featured on such television shows as "SOS" of TV Asahi in Japan, mainstream radio broadcasts such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory, and others. He was filmed in a major motion picture "Suspect Zero" where he also served as technical assistant. Since then he has done multiple internet radio broadcasts, and keeps a popular blog on his Myspace page www.myspace.com/hearananda where he occasionally reveals winning lottery numbers for specific areas of the world. His latest lottery success was posted on November 5th, 2008 for the state of Illinois marking his first in a series of postings leading up to the release of his book "Lottery and Survival…" for January 2009. Aaron predicted 666 as this number and in fact, that was the winning number!

Aaron has a long history of paranormal experience and his latest research using modified electronic camera sensors utilizing right angled mirrors and other proprietary devices is being developed to further capture the spiritual essence or that beyond what is experienced by normal states of awareness. Aaron's spiritual projection imagery is in a class outside of anything known today. Many of his images reveal the dead either in passing and/ or from another realm that has yet to be fully understood.

If it involves relevance, mystery, and fantastic controversy, Aaron has the "it" and is as always deep within it all. This fascinating man has been described by many as a strange genius, wildly eccentric, inexhaustibly soulful, and enigmatic.

Aaron, is now being booked for interviews. If you are interested in interviewing, Aaron, please contact him by sending an email to propheticlight@gmail.com. To see a recent interview with The Alien Seeker News, visit the following website: http://www.alienseekernews.com/articles/interview-with-aaron-hanson.html
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A Vampire's Life? It's Really Draining - Washington Post [Nov. 24th, 2008|01:10 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

A Vampire's Life? It's Really Draining
Forget 'Twilight.' These Folks Pale in Comparison to the Stereotype.

By Monica Hesse
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 24, 2008; Page C01


Vampire Community News, Articles & Videos:
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Mythical records [Nov. 15th, 2008|10:07 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

Mythical records, is now taking pre-orders for their new compilation "Odyssey of Rapture" vol. 1. The album includes new age music compositions by Abandoned Toys, Library Tapes, The synthetic dream foundation, Hannah Fury, Samantha Bouquin, Ephemeral mists, and many more great composers/artists. The official release date is Dec. 10th 2008. The full track list includes:

1. David Reyes "The magic woods"
2. Library Tapes "The rivers turned to cobblestone"
3. Abandoned Toys "An expanding tremble"
4. Ephemeral Mists "A pale slumber"
5. Phanatos "Voyage (quest for the shores of aphrodite)"
6. Aranis "Vala"
7. The new pollutants "Kidnap theme"
8. Hana (Jeff Greinke & Anisa Romero) "Hide"
9. Michel Avannier "La rencontre"
10. The synthetic dream foundation w/ Hannah Fury "Trapeze"
11. MePhI "Crystal night"
12. Aonua "Spirit of the deep"
13. Fiona Joy Hawkins "Contemplating"
14. Samantha Bouquin "Tale for a sunken moon"
15. Scythelence "Transparent eyelids"
16. Enigma de Ultratumba "To my unrest"
17. Samanta Ray & Pete Ardron "Interuterion 3"
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Tyra Banks "Vampires" Episode - October 31, 2008 (Videos) [Nov. 9th, 2008|04:02 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

The Tyra Banks "Vampires" Episode from October 31, 2008 w/Don Henrie, Sarah Lester, & Vampyra is available for viewing either on YouTube or at the link below in a single-page format.


(If the site is slow to load just be patient as there is a high traffic volume on YouTube at the moment.)

Also, if you would like to stay up to date with the most recent news concerning the real vampire community subscribe the VVC RSS Feed at:

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Strange Occurence Last Night [Nov. 4th, 2008|11:03 am]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers

[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Wolf Parade]

Last night I went to sleep with my headphones in, and soon after I was asleep a short pig-headed being wearing a long white cloak-jacket decorated with rainbow design accents came strolling purposefully into the room towards me, never breaking stride as he jumped onto the foot of the bed and continued to where I lay in the middle. He was wearing headphones himself, and immediately grabbed my MP3 player, demanding that he “share” (take) some of my MP3s. “Free MP3s..I want to share what you have”.

As I started to struggle against his forcefulness, I began to awake. However as I started to come to I was acutely aware of a whirlpool sensation in the center of my body, as if a great rainbow-coloured energy was swirling very strongly from within my stomach, and I could also feel my axis of orientation changing, so that as it felt I had been lying at a 45 degree angle with my feet running through the bed, I now started to be pulled back to a horizontal position matching my body, and I sensed the pig being was caught up in the whirlpool, being sucked inside my center.

After taking a variety of vitamins and drinking plenty of water I’d gone to bed extra early, with a vaporizer running nearby, as I felt very weak and knew I needed more rest than usual. I haven’t been sick in at least six years, but after first waking up this morning feeling great, I now have a throbbing and stinging sensation in my left ear that lets me know I have an earache and need to go to the doctor within the hour. I don’t know if the sickness is related to this astral incident or not, but found the entire thing very mystifying. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or know what the meaning of any of this is? Thanks in advance!

Cross-posted to astral_travel
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2008|07:12 pm]
Astral and Lucid Dreamers
Any favorite books that have helped you lucid dream?
Thanks in advance!
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