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I watch a lot of horror/thriller movies so this may have sparked many of my dreams. I love lucid dreaming, a place where my imagination goes wild.

I'd like to share this....

This dream is titled: Awoken Thirst

I had a dream that I was a demi-god who woke up from his slumber (yes, I was a male). The smell of human scent woke me up. I was very tall and muscular with long flowing hair, my entire eye was black with no life to them. I had thick eyeliner on like one of those mythical Egyptian gods. I went to a huge shiney rock that showed my reflection. My skin was made of onyx nothing can cut through me, yet it was smooth to the touch and flexible. I looked closer and there were some diamond shards in my eyes, I carefully took them out one by one and tossed it away as if it were nothing. But I'm sure those diamond shards cost kazillions. To me, in the dream, money was nothing because I was immortal. I've experienced everything already and nothing was more meaningful to me than to drain blood from a human. Fresh blood was what I craved for...............

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